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  • AlexSdhdAa3
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    I need professional advice)
    I’m planning to start a business in the construction sector, and I’m currently organising the technical part, namely website development. The process is quite complicated and there is a lot of work, so I’m not going to do it directly, I need to find professionals who know it better. I don’t want to take any risks on freelance platforms, I’d rather invest in a professional team of specialists.

  • SofiaAng
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    I don’t recommend looking for IT specialists on your own or following YouTube tutorials, as this is very energy-consuming and should be done by specialists. My friends highly recommended me such a company as This is primarily a consulting and engineering company that builds a strategy and concept based on your business. They introduce new technologies, solves complex issues that always arise during digital evolution. So they will help you a lot in the beginning. You can check out successful cases on the website, as well as the brands with which they have worked. Good luck!

  • NoahRd34
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    I agree! This company is very reputable and professional. Intellectsoft knows how important it is to provide the most innovative solutions and the latest technological approaches for companies and modern brands, especially when it comes to software development.

  • Felicity Johns
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    Hi! Starting a business in the construction sector is a big step, and it’s great that you’re focusing on the technical aspect, like website development. Finding the right professionals is crucial. I understand your hesitation with freelance platforms; it’s essential to have a reliable team. If you’d like, I can share some tips on how to identify and collaborate with the right specialists. Feel free to reach out if you’re interested to learn more

  • Josh Mcqueen
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    The decision is crucial, and I want to ensure that you invest wisely in a team of professionals. I’m a bit hesitant about freelance platforms and prefer a dedicated and skilled team for this task.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences on the in-house vs. outsourcing dilemma. What factors should I consider, and do you have any recommendations for finding the right team for website development in the construction industry?

  • Lisa
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    Thank you all for your suggestions.

  • James
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  • Dolllar
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  • Jonas22
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